Swordsman Hero’s Pack Hack

Swordsman is the ultimate martial arts Free-to-Play MMO Game created from popular wuxia novels of Louis Cha. You can choose to Play from 10 different classes and master legendary fighting skills to engage in battle with members of other martial arts schools.

To become a Hero in Jianghu you have to Download Swordsman Hero’s Pack Hack from our site. This Swordsman Hack can help you to boost on the top, or if you are a Swordsman beginner it’s highly recommended for you to use Swordsman Hero’s Pack Hack.  Get Swordsman Redeem Code very simple, it doesn’t ask for any password and you will recieve an Email with the Redeem Code. From this pack you get Swordsman Mithril Free and you can sell to an NPC for a large sum of in-game currency that can be traded with other players for items, Swordsman ZEN, and more!


How to Use Swordsman Hero’s Pack Hack

  1. Download Swordsman Hack Program
  2. Enter your Email
  3. Check Use Proxy
  4. Check Swordsman Hero’s Pack Hack
  5. Click on Add Pack button and wait
  6. An Email has been sent with a Code for Swordsman Hero’s Pack
  7. Redeem the Code in the Arc client by clicking the Arc logo and selecting “Redeem a Code.”
  8. Click on Done Button
  9. Enjoy Swordsman Hero’s Pack Hack!

Features Swordsman Hero’s Pack:

This pack contains the following 7 items:

Blazing Stallion Mount

Blade Apprentice Scroll

Ring of Valor

Nomad Body Fashion

East Sector Treasure x600

Nomad Head Fashion

Swordsman Mithril x10

Video Tutorial Swordsman Hero’s Pack Hack Working Proof


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